Part One: Oh! The Things You’ll See in Seattle

1. While picking up dinner on 1st Avenue South one evening, I happened to notice a woman strolling down the center of the street, putting her excrement all over her face and marching down the middle of the street naked. People simply went by, their faces contorted in horror. I dialed 911 because I was … Read morePart One: Oh! The Things You’ll See in Seattle

The Short List

Start the Day with a Task Completed Find a Person, Mentor, Someone to help you through life Respect Everyone Life is Not Always Fair, Move Forward Do Not Be Afraid to Fail Often Take Risks Face Down the Bullies Step Up When Times are Toughest Lift Up the Downtrodden Never Give Up

Welcome to the migrated

Event Schedule Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nullam eu dignissim tortor, sit amet bibendum lacus. Devious Systems Give the finger to the rock and roll singer as he’s dancing upon your paycheck.   As the sales climb high to the garbage pale slide, the place where your mind constantly is being raped by … Read moreWelcome to the migrated